What is HCOC?

HCOC started back in 1999 by WongKN, KLTAN, and Pira. 



Going official & nationwide.

On 20th Friday 2002 morning, our club president WongKN and a few member of HCOC went to Registrar of Societies, ROS, and submitted application to register  HCOC. ROS accepted our application and the registration is now on progress. Soon HCOC will be official Honda Club in Malaysia.


To join HCOC?




To join HCOC.

To those who wish to join HCOC please email Xenix the details below:-

  1. Your full name as in your IC NO.
  2. The year and the model of the Honda car you are driving. (If possible the specs of the car.)
  3. Car registration number.
  4. Location.
  5. Your telephone no. ( Preferred but optional )
  6. Your hand phone no. ( Preferred but optional )


  1. CHIN Chun Kit.
  2. 1993, Civic EG4 (local), SOHC non-Vtec.
  3. ADS 8809
  4. Taiping, PERAK.
  5. +605 8082222
  6. +6012 505 1234

Example given above if not related to anyone's detail. If it's related to someone it is just by coincidence.


There will be a nominal joining fee of MYR50. You will be give two HCOC car sticker (This is for members to identify each another on the road). And you can buy the HCOC polo shirt for MYR10. (For the 1st purchase). Our club membership card is still in progress. (Credit card type. But this is just an identification card for HCOC and it is not and charge card or credit card). We will distribute it to member when we get it done. (Little fees might be collect from members depends on the cost of the membership card).


If you have any inquiries please don't hesitate and email me. I am more then happy to help you in anyway I can.





** Please allow me a few days to reply your email. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Note : This page is not related to HCOC or any of the company advertised.

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